As a buyer, you can register for Floriday through My Royal FloraHolland. We explain what steps you need to take on this page.

Go to the Floriday website at and select the third option, ‘Registering through My Royal FloraHolland’ for buyers.

Log in to ‘My Royal FloraHolland’.

Click on the banner ‘Getting Started with Floriday’ on Subscribe.

If you already have a login, you will immediately be redirected to the Floriday login screen. If you don’t yet have a Floriday account, enter your first and last names and create a password based on the requirements set. Press on Create Account.

You will then be redirected to the Floriday log-in page. Log in to Floriday, and get started!

Tip: Add the URL to your favourite bookmarks, or create a shortcut for this to save time whenever you log in.

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