Setting delivery locations

It is now possible to add in delivery locations within Floriday yourself. To add a location, go to Settings > Delivery locations.

Display photos enlarged

You can now display enlarged photos in various different places:

  • Packing configuration

  • Photo of ornamental pot in the product detail dialog


It is now possible for all users to configure notifications. You can choose per user if you want to receive notifications within Floriday, in your email inbox and/or as push notification. You can receive these push notifications both on a computer as well as an (Android) mobile phone.

Platform and push notifications are currently only available in Dutch.

Contract Margins

When creating a contract, you can include margins for the price and the number of units. When no margins are added, the bandwidth / range will no longer be shown.

Packing configuration contract

The chosen packing configuration for a product will be shown in the contract scheme overview.

Contract Copy

It is now possible to create a copy of a contract. This can save a lot of time, when only minimal changes are necessary.

Optimisation for direct purchasing

  • It is now possible to purchase on a future supply. Through the button Deadline in the shopping cart, you can now choose a future delivery date. This allows you to see the supply of that date, on which purchasing is already possible.

  • Whenever you purchase through Direct purchasing, a handy progress bar shows you what percentage of the minimal order quantity you have met.

  • As a buyer, you can now choose to collect the order from the grower, or to have the order delivered at your own location. When choosing a delivery location, you can now also filter on location type. If you have multiple locations, this functionality can display the list more clearly.

Optimisation for Purchase orders

  • Purchase orders can now be sorted by delivery time.

  • Through additional services, it is now possible to add stickers to a purchase order.

  • Orders can now also be cancelled provided that the cancellation deadline has not yet passed.

Optimisation for the purchasing dashboard

  • The purchasing dashboard now uses ‘real-time-communication’. This allows you to see in real-time, which colleagues are working with the purchasing dashboard and which rules your colleagues are editing.

  • When creating a request, the characteristics are now automatically filled in the request dialog.

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