Standing orders

In the overview of standing orders, it is now possible to see to which contract this standing order belongs. In addition, you can add an appendix to a standing order line.


It is now possible to create contracts with growers outside of your network on Floriday. In addition, we have adjusted two parts of the contract: the reference of a contract may only be 13 characters long, and, optionally, you can now add specifications to the contract. Lastly, supplementary services will now be shown for contracts and standing orders.

Direct purchasing

When you are selecting a grower in the search field of Direct purchasing, you can now view the shop page of the grower. During ordering, a validation for the minimal order quantity has been set up, which means it will immediately be shown if the order quantity is too small based on the delivery terms and conditions. Another option in Direct purchasing is to select the financial service provider.

Purchase orders

When creating a purchase order, you can specify the packing configuration more broadly by using the functionality ‘compose product’. In addition, it is now possible to view the attached stickers and download them.

Purchasing dashboard

By filtering on certain specification you can quickly find the right order. The filters of the purchasing dashboard can now also be saved. So you can use them again the next time. We also added a tab where you can view incorrect order notifications.

By clicking on a product in the catalog of the grower, you can now view the details of the product.

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