“Rijsenhout” has been added to the region Aalsmeer as delivery location. You can now also select this in Floriday.

Contract module

The contract module is available to all users of Floriday. It is now possible for both buyers and growers to record contracts in Floriday and order from them.

Standing orders

You can delete all types of standing orders, with exception of those with the status ‘approved’.


You can offer contracts on weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. In addition, you can edit a denied contract.

Direct purchasing

If you manage your network in Floriday as a buyer, you can now select products from growers as favourites by using a star icon. By filtering by favourites, a list of favourites is shown, which allows you to easily purchase these products again.

In addition to selecting favourite products, the following changes have been made with regards to Direct Purchasing:

  • A filter by decorative pots has been added. You can filter by decorative pot products, individual plants and decorative pot-plant combinations.

  • More delivery suggestions are shown, namely 7 days into the future (if within the trade period of the supply in the shopping cart).

  • The box number is now shown when choosing your own delivery location.

  • You can filter by various supply types. A purchasing tip will be displayed with a “special offer” label.

Purchase orders

You can view the EDI (order message) for each individual purchase order under purchase orders. In addition, you sill find the address information in the detail screen. Lastly, it is now possible to view statistics for your purchase orders. For example, there is a graph with matches from previous weeks, and you can see on which characteristics a purchase order matched.

Purchasing dashboard

In the ‘action needed’ screen, a number of filters have been placed in a drop-down menu.

In addition to the filters that have been added, the following changes have been made:

  • Loading information is now copied when creating a request from the purchasing dashboard.

  • It is possible to create a CSV export.

  • By choosing a delivery location, you can now also create an order based on the terms of delivery.


The catalogue is now shown on the grower page. Buyers can add products to their favourites list from here as well. In addition, a notification has been added if your network is managed in FloraXchange.

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