In Floriday it is important to set the delivery locations correctly, so that the products ordered are sent to the right location. In this article we explain how you can arrange this easily in Floriday.

Add a new delivery location, by clicking the green button.

Then the following image will appear. By default you can choose from the locations that are known for your organization in Floricode. You can expand the choice by selecting a location (GLN). Then click on save.

Do you want to remove a delivery location in the future? Click on the 3 dots and then on Delete. The location will be removed from the overview.

Please note! The delivery locations must be set by you as buyer, otherwise no orders can be placed through the grower's shop. The delivery location must be known to the grower. The grower, on the other hand, must have set up his delivery conditions correctly, so that the process of delivery is well organised and clear for both the grower and the buyer.

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