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In Floriday, you can choose the type of display in the system section. We offer 2 options:

  • Quick mode: Simple and quick to use. Sufficient for most users.
  • Advanced mode: In the advanced mode you can use more Floriday functionalities

We recommend choosing the advanced mode here. When new functionalities go live, they are immediately accessible and you can access them all.

Order confirmation

In the order confirmation section, select whether you want to receive ORDRSP with new orders. This means you will receive an ORDRSP immediately after you’ve placed an order. The grower does not need to take any action for this. In this case, please enter the Florecom e-mail address (ORDRSP message).

You can also select to receive ECT with new orders. This means you will receive an ECT immediately after your order.

You have the option to enter the auction code here; this is the auction code used in the ECT message in the NAD+FLA segment (Floricode code list 3039). Again, the grower does not have to take any action.

Purchasing dashboard settings

In Purchasing dashboard settings you can choose the option: “Skip ‘Ready to order”. If this option is set to “on”, matched purchase orders will automatically be forwarded as sales orders. If not, the order must be confirmed first.

Supplier-specific settings

Do you do a lot of business with a particular grower? Then you can add this grower to your settings. Select the grower, type in the auction code and if necessary tick the "Ready to order" section for this specific grower. If this option is enabled, matched purchase orders of this grower will automatically be forwarded as sales orders.

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