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Submitting a correction request
Submitting a correction request

In this article we explain how you can submit or receive a correction request via Floriday and/or Royal FloraHolland.

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When you have placed an order, it is added to the purchase orders in Floriday. Of course, it can sometimes happen that an order is no longer correct and needs to be corrected. A correction request may be used to make a correction to a transaction.

After correcting a purchase order, the grower receives the correction request that needs to be approved. Conversely, the buyer receives a request when the grower submits a correction. The other party has until 6:00 PM the next working day to respond. If there is no response, the request will expire. The correction is only implemented upon agreement.

On this page we explain how to submit a correction request.

Submitting a correction request via Floriday

On the left in the Floriday menu, go to Purchase > Purchase Orders. Find the purchase order you want to correct. Click on the 3 dots on the right side of the screen of the correct purchase order. Select the following option at the 3 dots: Request correction.

A screen will now appear in which you can indicate what you want to correct. You can correct the following data:

  • The price

  • When the correction request expires

  • The packaging code

  • The number of packaging units

  • Number of pieces per packaging unit

Enter the correct information and, if necessary, give a reason for the correction. Click on “Save”.

The correction request has now been sent to the grower. The grower can now approve or reject the request in Floriday. So you have to wait a while for the grower's response.

As soon as you have submitted the correction, it will be placed in the corrections overview. This overview can be found under Purchase > Purchase orders > Corrections.

Below you can see corrections that have been approved, a correction that has been rejected, a correction to be approved by the buyer and a correction still to be approved by the grower. In this screen you can therefore check whether you have any pending corrections.

Within the correction requests, there are several filter options. For example, within the overview you can adjust the time period of the corrections, choose which correction requests you want to see, search by a specific grower or by whom the correction request was initiated.

As soon as the correction has been accepted and processed, you will also see this in the purchase order overview. On the right-hand side you can see that the correction has been processed.

Tip! If the correction has expired because the buyer didn’t respond on time, you can easily submit this again by clicking on the three dots > Submit correction request again.

In the case of manually created orders, it is not necessary to submit a correction request. Here you can implement the correction straight away.

Submitting a correction request via Royal FloraHolland

Royal FloraHolland has drawn up a PDF document that explains in 5 steps how the correction is processed. Find out how to arrange corrections for direct trade via Royal FloraHolland.

Receiving a correction request

When the grower submits a correction request, you as a buyer must agree to this before it is implemented. This request will appear in the dashboard with the notification Correction requests. You have until 6:00 PM the next working day to respond. If you do not respond before then, the request will expire. The correction is only implemented upon agreement.

Tip: You can set the way you receive the notification by selecting it in Notifications.

Under Settings > Notifications you can activate various sliders that permit messages on selected topics. You can now also activate notifications regarding correction requests. In this way you always stay up to date with the latest developments regarding corrections.

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