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Developments January 2021
Developments January 2021

Floriday is constantly evolving. Discover the latest functionalities and releases of January 2021 in this article!

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Receiving purchase tips and ordering digital

From now on, it is possible to let growers know that you can receive a purchase tip by indicating this in the settings under the Organisation tab. If you haven't selected this option yet, the grower selection screen will alert you to this. By selecting this option, you will be able to show growers that they can send you a purchase tip.

In this same screen, you can tick whether you are already working digital. By ticking this box, you can let the grower know that you're already ordering digital from the supply on Floriday.

Botanical name, country of origin and GTIN code

Trade item details now also display Botanical name, Country of origin and GTIN code when these have been set.

Standing orders

In the standing order overview, contract reference and contract version are now also displayed under the contract title.


When creating a contract, the option "Pick up the order from the grower" is added as a delivery condition.

In the overview of all contracts, contracts are now grouped by reference. In this overview, you can now create a standing order via the contract line by clicking on the three dots.

And finally, the buyer has been added to the contract details dialogue.

Direct purchasing

  • Both tile view and list view are sorted according to the name of the trade items.

  • You can now submit a comment when placing an order.

  • It is no longer possible to place trade items from different shipping locations in the shopping trolley.

  • If an order is placed on Friday, and no delivery times are available, the first possible delivery time on Monday is shown.

  • Times of delivery conditions that are the same are now combined.

Purchase orders

In the overview showing all purchase orders, the correction status is now displayed when an order has been corrected.

When you click on a purchase order, you will see all the order details. Here, you can now also find the Sales Channel ID.

Purchasing dashboard

Requests for quotes made by another organisation (when several buyer numbers are linked, for example) are now shown in the table "Requested by another organisation" on the "Pending" page.

On the network page you can see which growers are making use of the leniency scheme.

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