It is also possible to enter orders via the purchasing dashboard by means of an Excel file. In that case, you enter an order without looking at the grower’s available supply. Because no supply is retrieved from Floriday, it may happen that you submit an order with a different price, packing configuration or availability.

Excel upload

Go to Purchase > Purchasing Dashboard and click on Add Purchase orders.

Download the Excel template to enter the orders and then upload them.

The fields below in the Excel template are mandatory:

- GLN Code of the grower

- Number of packaging units ordered

- Delivery: GLN code - This must be a location GLN and not a company GLN!

- Incoterm delivery - By default, this can always be set to DDP

- Delivery: Date and time

- Price per piece - Optional but handy to fill in for a direct match

- Currency code - Optional but mandatory with price: default value EUR

Then upload the completed Excel file.

When the purchase order matches the grower's supply, the order is immediately placed and can be found in the overview of the purchase orders (Purchase > Purchase orders).

If the order does not match the growers' supply on the basis of availability, price and/or packing configuration, it will appear in the purchasing dashboard under the tab Action Required. As a buyer, you will have to take action on this to make the order match.

In the section below, we explain step-by-step how to use the purchasing dashboard.

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