Entering orders manually

Enter a new product in the purchasing dashboard and view the alternatives

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In most cases, manual orders will be placed on the growers' supply via Direct purchasing. It is also possible to enter a manual order via the purchasing dashboard. In that case, you enter an order without looking at the grower’s available supply. This can be done on the basis of the grower's catalogue or by entering a new product. Because no supply is retrieved from Floriday, it may happen that you submit an order with a different price, load configuration or availability.

Entering orders manually

Go to Purchase > Purchasing Dashboard and click on Add Purchase orders.

Complete the form and click Add Purchase order.

When the purchase order matches the grower's supply, the order is immediately placed and can be found in the overview of the purchase orders (Purchase > Purchase orders).

If the order does not match the growers' supply on the basis of availability, price and/or packing configuration, it will appear in the purchasing dashboard under the tab Action Required. As a buyer, you will have to take action on this to make the order match.

In the section below, we explain step-by-step how to use the purchasing dashboard.

Trade settings

Extra option: set whether your organisation works with manual order entry via trade settings
Could buyers manually create orders via manual order entry? This can be managed through trade settings by the main user in Floriday. Go to Network > Network > Trade settings and set this up for your organisation. Read all about trade settings here.

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