During the term of the contract, the contract can be deleted following approval from both parties.

On this page, we will explain the following topics:

Deleting a contract

Go to Agreements > Contracts on the left in the Floriday menu. Find the contract that you want to delete here. Click on the 3 dots on the right side of the screen of the correct contract. Select the following option at the 3 dots: Delete.

After you have clicked on Delete, you will get the following notification: To remove an approved contract, you need approval from the supplier. The contract will be removed after the approval. By clicking on Delete, the grower will receive the contract to be deleted.

Responding to a request to change a contract

If the grower wants to delete the contract, you will receive a notification that a deletion has been requested by the supplier.

Go to Agreements > Contracts on the left in the Floriday menu. In the right of the bar, you will see the notification that the supplier has requested a deletion.

Click on this line to see which contract it concerns and to accept the deletion.

After viewing the contract, you can accept the deletion by clicking on ‘delete’. Another security question will be shown, after which the contract will be deleted.

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