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Latest developments March 2021
Latest developments March 2021

Floriday is constantly evolving. Discover the latest functionalities and releases of March 2021 in this article!

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A button that will take you to the Help center has now been added at the top right of the user menu. In the Help center, you will find an explanation of many different functionalities. In addition, there is a ?-icon at the top of the page. By clicking on this, an explanation of the page concerned will appear.

New setting: Growers can select favourite trade items.

This new setting allows you to give growers permission to change your favourite items. Check this option to authorize all growers at once. You can also exclude growers by clicking them and then checking or unchecking each grower according to whether you want them to be able to use this option.

New! Browse the assortment of growers.

The BETA version of the catalogue feature is currently available in Floriday. This means that this feature is still under development.

You can browse the assortment of the growers in the catalogue. If you search for a trade item for a specific week, an overview is shown of all the products available at different growers in that week.

The catalogue search results show the assortment of growers who have a full catalogue of trade items and who have activated their own shop on Floriday.

Calling outside bandwidth

It is also possible now to call outside the bandwidth. The other party will always have to approve this.

Standing orders

When creating standing orders, a sticker can now be selected per line. In addition, it is now easier to select the right contract by searching for the name of the contract, for example.

Contact person for contract
From now on, it will be shown in the contract overview and in the on-demand order overview who has created the contract or the on-demand order.*

Direct purchasing

If there are several warehouses, they will be displayed first in the grower's shop. Click the appropriate stock location to see the supply available at that location. If the grower has only 1 location, you will be taken directly to the screen with the supply from that location.

After placing an order, the supply will immediately be updated. If the standard stock location of the grower doesn't have any stock, the location where stock is available will automatically be shown.

When ordering supply with direct purchase, the order overview, if set, shows the dynamic transport costs. It also shows whether there are other orders within the recent orders.

Deviating characteristics

It is now possible to immediately correct a line with a deviating packaging configuration.

Purchase orders

Under purchase orders, you can now choose from the stickers offered by the grower as an additional service. If you choose a sticker, the type of sticker is shown.

You can now also filter by 'Auction clock’ type of trade.

You can now see under purchase order whether the credit check was successful. Click the order for more information about the credit check.

Correction requests

If a grower has not responded to a correction request in time, you can resubmit an expired correction request.

As a buyer, you can add stickers when purchasing trade items. In order to be certain that the grower sees this sticker task, an overview is created. In this overview, you can see how many sticker tasks there are and how many have been fulfilled. You can view this on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Website and Social Media channels

When the grower has set this up, the URL of the website and the Social Media channels are shown on the company page.

You can select the trade items beforehand in the grower’s catalog, so that you can filter these trade items while ordering. By placing a check mark in the grower’s catalog for the option ‘Grower is allowed to adjust the chosen trade items’, you give the grower himself/herself the opportunity to select trade items for you as buyer. If the grower selects a trade item, the photo is shown of the user that has added the trade item.*

In addition, the additional services that are available can now be seen on the grower’s company page.

*To see these details, the user must have set it up so that these details may be made public.

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