Sticking with additional services

The buyer can use additional services when ordering. Buyers can use the additional services to indicate whether they want to use the sticker service, however, this service is not obligatory for the buyer to send stickers to the sales order. There are scenarios where the buyer always sends stickers and the price also includes stickers.

Growers can indicate under the additional services that they also print stickers. They can indicate what a sticker should cost and what the dimensions of the sticker should be. In addition, the growers can indicate which customers can make use of the sticker service.

The stickers are charged to the customer and grower as a separate item. See the screenshot below.

Currently, customers can upload these stickers via the API and via Direct Purchase. If you purchase from a grower's shop, you can add or select stickers directly in the shopping cart. You can click on additional services to directly retrieve the stickers that a grower has created. You can also add a sticker order yourself by clicking on add stickers.

Adding stickers to call-off orders (Floriday screens)

You can add a sticker when creating a call-off order. You click on the three dots and then on upload file. This is then immediately added to the contract.

Adding stickers via the purchase order screen

There is another way to add stickers to an order. You can do this on the purchase order screen. If you select an order and click on the 3 dots, you can then click on add sticker.

Adding stickers during purchase

As a buyer, you can add stickers when purchasing items. To make sure that the grower sees this sticker order, an overview has been made. This overview shows how many sticker orders there are and how many have been processed. You can view this on a day, week or month level.

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