The BETA version of the catalogue function is currently available in Floriday. This means that this feature is still under development.

You can browse through the growers’ assortment in the Floriday Catalog. By searching for a trade item for a particular week, an overview of all the products available from the various growers in that week is displayed. The green dot indicates whether the supply is active.

The catalogue search results show the assortment of growers who have a full catalogue with trade items (i.e. with good product photos and characteristics) and who have activated their own store on Floriday.

The following component is explained on this page:

Search through the assortment

In the Floriday menu, go to Catalog and select the type of product you want to search for (house plants, garden plants, cut flowers or hardware).

Then type in the product you are looking for and in which week this product should be available. Click ‘Search’.

Tip: If you want to go straight to the screen with all Filters, press Enter directly without entering a search query.

You will then see an overview of all products that are available in that week. At the top right of the screen, you can see how many search results there are and for how many growers. If a trade item has an active supply when the search is conducted, there will be a green dot, while the starting price and the quantity will be shown with the trade item.

The products are shown by default. Clicking on suppliers at the top right to see an overview of the growers offering these products.

You can further refine these search results by setting additional filters in the left-hand bar on the screen. You can enter the VBN productgroup, the VBN of the product, the supplier, the producer groups, maturity stage, minimum stem length, average weight and the choice with or without 360 degrees product photo.

Based on the search results, you can add products as favourites by clicking on the star icon. You can also click on the product to see more details.

Found an interesting product that you want to order at a later date? Then you can make a connection with this grower right away. Click on Visit Store and then Make a Connection.

Found the right product and want to order it from the grower's store? Then you can click on Visit Shop. Once you have marked the product as a favourite, you can set the filter to add only favourite products.

The BETA version of the catalogue function is currently available in Floriday. This means that this feature is still under development.

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You can discover all the novelties offered by growers on Floriday through the catalogue page in Floriday. The novelties offered by growers have been tested and approved as novelties by Royal FloraHolland.

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