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Discover in this article how you, as a buyer, can resell products to fellow buyers via Floriday.

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As a buyer, do you want to resell products to fellow buyers via Floriday? Then you can use the Resale Scheme via Floriday.

The Resale Scheme offers buyers the opportunity to offer and sell mutually via Floriday. Floriday gives you access to a large range of trading partners. As a supplier on Floriday, you can also use the Royal FloraHolland payment guarantee.

How does it work?

If, as a buyer, you want to use the Resale Scheme via Floriday, it works as follows:

  1. You buy the products through Floriday (via the screens or via the API link)

  2. You post the products on Floriday as a supplier

  3. You sell the products to a fellow buyer through Floriday

  4. The Resale Scheme is applied on the basis of this mutual transaction, and settlement takes place afterwards via Royal FloraHolland.

How can you sell and buy in Floriday?

Buying in Floriday via the 'Direct Buying' function is simple. Check this page for more information >

You can sell via Floriday using a supplier number from Royal FloraHolland. You create a Floriday account with this supplier number. This can be done via (select 'I am a grower')

The following workshops explain how to work as a supplier in the Floriday screens:

  • Starting with Direct Selling in Floriday (setting delivery conditions and price groups)

  • Sell directly in Floriday (post supply online and process orders)

How do you register, and what are the costs?

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