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Latest developments April 2021
Latest developments April 2021

Floriday is constantly evolving. Discover the latest functionalities and releases of April 2021 in this article!

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System settings

A number of options have been added with regard to system settings. First of all, it is now possible to augment the EKT settings with a card number.

Furthermore, a new setting has been added for the purchasing dashboard. The Skip Ready to order’ for accepted supply requests option ensures that a purchase order with an accepted supply request is automatically forwarded as a sales order.

Furthermore, the card number and the EKT can now also be set as a Supplier-specific setting.

The beta version of the catalogue function has been available since last week. Previously, this feature was only visible with advanced mode activated. From now on, all buyers will see this new functionality, even when working in quick mode.

Organization settings

It is now possible to upload, replace or delete a logo yourself in Floriday.

Interactive Roadmap

Floriday has made an interactive roadmap available containing all the development points and ideas for this platform. Here you can view the schedule and submit your own requests. In addition, you can indicate what you consider important or less important by clicking on the thumb up or the thumb down.


The timeline has been added to the dashboard. If the grower shares a status update or promotes a trade item, this is visible on the timeline.


The trade item information dialogue now also shows the price of the trade item, if available.


When creating a contract, you can now choose its financial settlement.

Once the contract is approved, you can see in the details screen which user approved the contract. In addition, the grower can now give a group name to a group of alternative trade items. This is shown on the buyer side.


A disclaimer is added to contracts stating that Floriday's general terms are binding.

Direct purchasing

An end customer reference can now be added to trade items in the shopping cart.

Purchase orders

Purchase orders can now be filtered not only by order date, but also by delivery date.


The form numbers are now also shown with the correction requests. In addition, the customer reference has been added.

Requests for quotes

An overview of all requests for quotes has been added under the network header. In this overview you can see which requests for quotes have been sent to the different growers for supply and for the catalogue.

You can search by the title of the request using the search bar.


If a grower is affiliated with a growers’ association, this will now be shown on the grower's company page.

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