Transport costs

Pay transport costs based on the total of delivery orders and fulfillment costs, depending on the size of the order.

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If you buy from the grower's shop, transport and delivery costs may be charged, depending on the grower's settings. In this article we show you how to buy using prices with transport costs.

Go to the menu on the left and click on Purchasing > Direct Purchasing.

Search for the grower via the search bar and open the Shop.

When you add packaging units to the shopping cart, you see an overview on the right of the screen, including the total price including transport costs and the delivery costs. The transport costs are shown per load carrier. You can also see that the delivery costs is waived as soon as the total amount exceeds the minimum amount set by the grower. Based on this information, you may opt to order more packaging units in order to exceed the minimum amount.

It is also possible to place an additional order for the same delivery time and location at a later moment. In this case, too, the transport costs are divided across the order total and the delivery costs is waived once a certain amount is exceeded.

Go to Purchase orders > Deliveries. Here you can see the total number of delivery orders for a specific day. By clicking on this, you will see an overview of all transactions that are delivered simultaneously at the same location.

The Transport costs per load carrier, Delivery costs, Number of load carriers and Total amount excluding transport costs are clearly displayed here. In addition, the bar at the top indicates how much you still need to order to avoid paying a delivery charge. From here you can easily return to the store to add something else.

When you go back to the grower's store and order a packaging unit, you are immediately shown a notification that there is already an order for this delivery moment of a certain size. Additional ordering reduces the dynamic delivery costs per piece. This order also appears in the overview of delivery orders. Once you exceed the limit amount, it will be indicated here that the delivery costs is waived. The transport costs are divided across all packaging units.

This way you can place several orders, but the delivery costs will be calculated for the entire transaction for that location and time.

Trade settings

Extra possibility: set whether you work with transport costs via trade settings

Working with transport costs can be managed by the main user in Floriday via trade settings. Go to Network > Network > Trade settings and set this up for your organisation. Read all about trade settings here.

Attention! When you disable this setting, you can only order products that include the transport costs in the price.

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