In Floriday you can place requests on offer or on the trade items that the grower has in its catalogue. So basically you ask the grower if certain products are available within a certain period and what the prices for the products are. The grower can answer the request via Floriday and in this way an appointment can be made.

The following parts are explained on this page:

Submit your request

In Floriday, go to Purchasing > Purchase Dashboard on the left side of the menu, then click Add Purchase Order.

When adding a purchase order, you can choose to make a request about a trade item in the catalogue or to compose a trade item yourself.

Trade item from the catalogue

First choose the grower you want to place your request with and then select a trade item from his catalog. Enter the different properties such as packing configuration, quantity, price and reference. If desired, you can then tick the additional service. Finally, you choose whether you want to collect the order from the grower or have it delivered, the delivery time and the delivery instruction. By clicking on add purchase order the request is sent. This will then appear in the request screen under Network.

Compose trade item

Composing the trade item yourself works in the same way as the trade item from the catalogue. Only some more properties (depending on the type of product) have to be filled in, like VBN, pot size or stem length, quality group, country of origin etc.

View requests

In Foriday, go to Network > Request in the menu on the left. Here you can see an overview of the requests you have submitted (also requests from FloraXchange). In this overview you can see which requests have been sent to the different growers on offer and on the catalogue and what the status of the request is.

At the top is a search bar where you can quickly navigate to the correct request. Using the drop-down list next to the search bar you can set whether you want to show the open, accepted or rejected requests or whether you want to see them all at once. Under the filter settings you can select a grower for which you are looking for the request. By ticking Show expired requests you can also see expired requests.

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