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Increasing predictability, more insight into development requests and schedule

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The interactive roadmap clarifies what has already been delivered, what is under development and what is still under consideration. In addition, Floriday users can add their own ideas and indicate which ideas of others they consider important or less important. Floriday is using the roadmap to prioritise and provide clarity on impending improvements and new functionality on the platform.

This article explains the following:

How does it work exactly?

Log in to Floriday and click on the banner in the dashboard.

In the roadmap environment you will find 3 components: Wishes, Planning and Finished. In the Wishes section you can see which wishes have been submitted.

Behind every wish is a thumbs up and a thumbs down. This allows you to vote and influence the prioritisation of the platform and its development.

It is also possible to share wishes. You do this by clicking on the three dots to the right of the wish and then choose Share wish. Here you can choose a URL or QR code which you can then share.

Do you want to quickly zoom in on a specific topic such as Customers API or Explorer? Click on one of the topics and quickly view which requests are relevant to you. You can also quickly perform a search using the search bar and arrive at your topic or wish.

Don’t see your request and would you like to submit your own? Click on the purple button Submit wish. The screen will then open as shown below. Here you can enter a subject and description.

In the Planning tab you can see which priority has been assigned to a particular request and which solution may already be linked to it. Requests with many votes (thumbs up) will be picked up sooner.

Sometimes a request is submitted more than once on the same subject. We bundle these requests into a single solution, as shown in the image below.

Do you want to remove your wish for whatever reason. You can do this by clicking on the three dots on the right of the wish and then choose Delete.

In the Finished tab, you can see the wishes and functionalities that have been delivered. You can also see which themes belong to this item and how many thumbs up the item has received. In the item you can also find a link to the Helpcenter so you can go directly to the article with the correct explanation.

What happens to submitted requests?

  • When a wish is submitted, we add it to the Wishes tab. We first check whether this wish has been previously submitted before it becomes visible. If there is already a solution for a request, the wish is directly assigned to the corresponding solution.

  • You will find all solutions and their status on the Planning tab. Once a solution is scheduled, it is given a status: in refinement, in development, in early access or finished.

  • The number of votes is an important criterion when it comes to planning new developments.

  • Once a solution is ready, we inform the users who voted for it, after which it can be found in the Floriday release notes.

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