Keep up to date with network announcements and trade item promotions from suppliers

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On the Floriday dashboard you'll find a search function for products in the Explorer. You can also find notifications of new contracts, purchase orders and shortcuts you can personalise.

Below those things is your Timeline. In here you may find updates from the suppliers in your network and notifications if wishes from the roadmap have been completed.

You can manage the updates from your Timeline by going to Settings > Timeline. Below we will describe the different Timeline updates you may encounter.

  • Status updates: Updates, news and other messages from suppliers from your network.

  • Trade item promotions: Trade items that are promoted by suppliers.

  • Offers: Customized offers from suppliers are automatically shown on your Timeline.

  • Direct bidding promotions: Suppliers that use Direct bidding are able to highlight products on your Timeline.

  • Roadmap wish completed: When we complete a wish that you've either entered or upvoted, we will notify you on your Timeline.

  • New trade items: When a supplier from your network creates new trade item, we will notify you on your Timeline.

  • Trade items back available: Weekly update of trade items that have become available again in the Explorer.

Interested in a product? Then you can immediately add it to your favourites by means of the star icon.

Do you find certain updates less relevant? Then click on the three dots and then on Hide updates of this type.

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