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In this article we explain more about the Plant Passport when working with the API

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Retrieving data from Floriday using an API

Floriday allows customers to easily retrieve the plant passport data via an API link.

  • You will receive a link in EKT and DESADV with which plant passport data can be retrieved from Floriday through an API. Your software supplier will receive information regarding the technical aspects.

  • Based on this data, you can create and print Basic (as necessary) your own plant passports if some supplied pots don’t have a plant passport or if you manufacture composite articles. (Please note: this is only possible if you are authorized to do so)

  • Your own plant passport will read the following:
    A. The botanical name (supplied by Floriday)
    B. Your own phytosanitary registration number
    C. Your traceability code (if applicable)
    D. The product’s country of origin (supplied by Floriday)

  • The extent to which data can be retrieved depends on the use of Floriday. In addition, the grower must of course record the relevant data.

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