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Receiving special offers/purchase tips
Receiving special offers/purchase tips

Special offers or purchase tips make it easy for growers to create supply through Floriday

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With a special offer/purchase tip, for instance, a grower can quickly and easily send you supply.

  • Special offers have flexible validity and may include additional information such as a photo, title and description.

  • Purchase tips, on the other hand, are only valid for 3 hours and just include product information. They are mainly used to digitally process an arrangement that, for example, has already been put in place over the phone.

The offer/purchase tip will appear in the grower's shop. Go to Purchasing > Purchase directly and select the grower's shop that you want to buy from. Then go to Offers, you will see the offers or purchase tips that are ready for you. You will see offers that you can already order, but also offers that you cannot yet order.

The grower also has the option to distribute this special offer/purchase tip through a unique link. This allows them to quickly inform you of available supply, which subsequently makes it straightforward for you, as a buyer, to make purchases.

Once the title, description and picture have been added, you will also find the offer in the timeline on the dashboard.

Offers overview

Are you looking for an overview of all the special offers on offer? Then go to Purchasing > Customer offers in the menu.

In this overview, you can view both the current and future Customer offers. You can also search by grower or name of the Customer offer. You can also select an order or delivery date.

For the grower, it is possible to make a general offer available to all buyers, even if you are not connected yet. A filter option has been added to the offers overview. With this option, you can choose to show only customer-specific offers or to filter out all offers.

Trade settings

Through the trade settings, you can specify whether you work with purchase tips. This can be managed by the main user in Floriday. Go to Network > Network > Trade settings and set this up for your organisation. Read all about trade settings here.

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