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Match & Connect - Price lists
Match & Connect - Price lists

Learn more about how you can provide a price list to customers, save them and view them again later.

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It’s possible to provide a price list to customers in Floriday. You can select article from the Explorer, direct purchasing or from an offer. In the menu bar, a button is shown of selected trade items for requests and price list.

On this page, we explain the following:

Creating price lists

First of all, you add all desired articles to the price list. This is possible from various places in the platform:

  • Explorer

  • Purchase directly

  • Special Offer


Search for the desired article via the Explorer in Floriday. You can click on Add to selection for price list or supply request via the multiselect or via the three dots next to an article.

From the Explorer, it is also possible to add items to an already existing price list. You can do this by clicking on the three dots at an item and choose Add to price list.

Purchase directly

When you visit the grower's shop, you can also use the multiselect or the three dots to add the item to a price list.

Special Offer

The article that you are sent via a special offer can also be selected to add to the price list. You can also use the multiselect or the three dots to add the item to a price list.

By clicking on the price list button at the top right of the screen, you can view the supply lines added. Then click on Set up price list.

By clicking on the selection button at the top right of the screen, you can view the items added. Then click Price list at a specific grower or click Price list of complete selection to add items from multiple growers.

A screen will open with all selected supply lines. Based on this view, the Excel download is created. You can fill in the price list here as desired, so that the correct details are presented in the download.

  • Drag the trade items in the correct order by clicking on the 2 lines under the selection box and drag the trade items to the right place.

  • Set the correct packaging configuration.

  • You can set the pricing per packaging unit, layer and load carrier. When setting pricing, consider the minimum order unit of the supply line.

  • You can set the sales price manually or you can calculate the price by clicking on ‘Calculate selling price’. You can set the pricing here for all products that are added to the price list.

    • The margin on the purchasing price is a percentage or fixed amount.

    • An packing configuration can have an additional price per piece. You can choose to include this in the calculation.

    • You can set a carrier surcharge on the basis of a full carrier per product.

    • Optionally, you can set a margin for the end customer as a percentage or fixed amount.

    • Set the currency along with the exchange rate that applies to this.

    • Finally, you can set things up so the price is not rounded off, to round up the price, round down the price or round it off to the nearest €0.01, €0.05 or €0.10.

When the price list has been set as desired, you can click on Download in order to download the price list in Excel. You can choose to display it in rows or blocks here.

Click Save to retrieve the price list in the overview at a later time.

Has the price list been sent to the customer and do you want to format the next one? Then click Clear.

Overview price lists

Would you like to view your created price offers or download them again? You can do so via Network > Price offers. Here you can see an overview of the price offers you have saved.

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