In the Explorer (Catalog), you can browse through the growers' assortment. By searching for house and garden plants, cut flowers or hardware, an overview of all the products belonging to that category is displayed. Using filter options, you can set your search so that you quickly find the right result.

In addition, you can discover novelties on the explorer page, search specifically for 360° product photos or search for a certain theme.

At the bottom of the page the product groups have been added. By clicking on them, you will find all articles that belong to this product group.

Searching for articles

On this page we explain step by step how to perform the search to discover new growers and products and select the right articles.

Select room and garden plants, cut flowers or hardware. You can already enter the grower's name if you are looking for a product from a specific grower. If this is not the case, you can leave the setting All growers.

In addition, you can set the filters for Article name or code, VBN product, VBN product group, Grower group, Pot size, Minimum plant height including pot, Added value (with/without).

Then click on Search to browse through the breeders' assortment.

You will see all the results that are available in that particular week. At the top you can set whether these items should be available for the entire selected period or just part of it.

At the top right of the screen you can see the number of results and the number of growers. By default, the articles are displayed. If you prefer an overview of the breeders, you can set this up by clicking on it.

You can also choose a tile view or a list view and set the order of the items (in order of creation date, breeder, item code, item name, pot size or plant height).

You can configure the search entirely as you wish. You can filter on searches concerning the article, properties, colour, growers, themes and other such as new articles in order to get to the desired result faster. Depending on the selected category, the filters will appear.

This allows you to search within the search results for the right articles. By clicking on the article, you can discover more details about it. By clicking on the three dots, you can hide this item or show more items from this grower, thus setting the grower as a filter. When you discover an interesting item, you can directly visit the grower's shop or add the item to the Selected Items.

Visit the grower's shop

If you see an item you would like to purchase, you can click on the item. In the screen that opens, you will see the button Visit shop in the upper right corner. If you are not connected yet, you can send a connection request right away. If you already have a connection with the grower and the grower has assigned you to a price group, you can immediately view the available supply and make a purchase.

Selected articles

When you see an interesting article, you can add it to the Chosen Items by clicking on the star. This will allow you to select items for your webshop, among other things.

Manage assortment

To display the articles neatly in your webshop, you can manage the assortment within Floriday. Click on the three dots and then on Manage Assortment. You can then:

  • Change article names

  • Select loads as preferred loads

  • Request new loads

  • Select preferred photos

Caution! The data is not synchronised with FloraXchange. In addition, it is not yet possible to migrate your data (such as adapted article names, preferred loads, etc.) from FloraXchange to Floriday.


Through the catalogue page in Floriday, you can discover all the novelties that are offered by growers at Floriday. The novelties offered by the growers have been tested and approved as novelties by Royal FloraHolland.

You can use the filter options at the top to select the period and search by product name. You can also mark the novelty as a favourite by clicking on the star.

As soon as you have a connection with the grower, you can purchase this product through the grower's shop.

360° product photos

In Floriday, growers can add a 360° product photo to the product. By clicking on it, you will find all articles for which a photo has been added that you can digitally rotate.


Growers can set a theme for each article in Floriday. For example, a grower can indicate that a poinsettia, an Amaryllis or a Skimmia is a Christmas product, making it easy for buyers to search by theme.

Product group

Are you looking for items from a particular product group? If so, at the bottom of the page you will find various product groups that you can easily select.

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