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In this article, we will show you how to submit a request from the explorer (catalog)

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In Floriday, you can place requests on offers, or the items a grower lists in their catalog. In fact, you ask a grower if certain products are deliverable within a certain time, and what the product prices are. The grower can respond to the request via Floriday and thus an agreement can be made.

This page explains the following:

Submit a request

You can submit requests at various places on Floriday. In this case, we show how to add an item to your selection in Explorer, but you can also add an item to your selection in Direct purchasing.

In Floriday go to Explorer. In the Explorer, you're searching for new items, and you want to know when certain items will be deliverable. If you find out that a certain item is not deliverable, or you want to know the price of an item, you can submit a request to the grower.

Click on the three dots next by the item and choose Add to price list or supply request.

You can also add multiple items at the same time. Select the selection boxes of the relevant items and choose Add to price list or supply request in the bar below.

A number appears at the selection icon above in the bar. From here you can make a request for the added items. This can be per grower, or you can make a request of the entire selection.

Click Request to send the request per grower or Request of complete selection to send the request directly to all growers. Then the screen appears where you can fill in the details of the request.

  • (1) Title and description of the request; Click the pencil to edit.

  • (2) Order period; This is the period in which you would like to place orders on the products.

  • (3) Deviating Delivery period; By default, the first delivery date of the grower is used when submitting requests. Check this box to enter a deviating delivery period.

  • (4) Price including; This allows you to have the prices include delivery costs and/or sticker costs.

  • (5) Latest response time; Set a deadline for the grower to react to the request.

  • (6) Reference code; Enter an internal reference code. If you do, you will be able to add a description as well. You can search for reference codes in the Explorer. Once the grower accepts the request and has made an offer for it, you can click straight through to the Explorer from the request based on the reference code. This way, you can easily find offers from group

  • (7) Packing configuration per trade item; Choose a specific packing configuration for the product or choose All available packing configuration. Afterwards, when a supply line is created, you will be able to choose any available packing configuratino for that product.

  • (8) Number of pieces; Check the box next to the product to set the number of pieces for multiple products at once.

  • (9) Price per piece; Check the box next to the product to set the price per piece for multiple products at once.

  • (10) Add to price list; With this button you can add the articles directly to the price list.

  • (11) Advanced options; Choose this option if you want the number of pieces to count down automatically or if the grower can set the product to available / unavailable. The number of pieces will count down automatically by default. You can also choose a different valuta here.

Setting number and price for several items at the same time

Want to fill in number and/or price for more rows at the same time? Then select multiple items and click on Quick setting.

Fill in the numbers and price.

Once the request is complete, send it by clicking on Send request. Should you or a colleague want to continue the order at a later time, simply save the request as draft.

View and edit quote request

Floriday maintains an overview of all concepts and completed requests. So you can easily edit, remove or copy them.

In the Floriday menu, go to Match & Connect, then choose Supply requests. Here you see an overview of the requests you have submitted. This overview shows which requests to the different growers on supply and catalog have been submitted, and the status of the request.

You can navigate to the right request by using the search bar and filters. Using the dropdown menu next to the search bar, you can set which quote requests you want to view: pending, completed or rejected, or all at the same time. With the filter settings, you can select the grower for whom you are searching for the request. Click on Show expired requests to find your expired quotes.

Changing a request

You can indicate per item whether the grower can still make any changes. You can also now remove from or add items to the request. However, only if the response time has not yet expired.

Click on the request you want to change. Enter the change and click on Save.

Copying supply requests

Want to make a similar request? Then you can easily copy an existing similar request. This is saved as a concept, so that you still apply the necessary changes.

Click on the three dots by the supply request and choose Copy.

Offers available on requests

When a grower offers items following a request, these then appear under 'Customer offers'.

In Floriday go to Purchasing > Customer offers > Requests. This shows an overview of all offers made by all growers responding to requests.

Click on the offer to view these and also to purchase if so wished.

On this window, you can also edit a request by clicking on Edit request.

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