In Floriday, you can place requests on items via the Trade Item Explorer. In this way, you ask a grower whether certain products are available within a certain period and the prices for the products. The grower can then respond to the request via Floriday.

This page explains how buyers can submit requests to growers.

Submit a request

In the Floriday menu, go to Explorer.

In the Explorer, you can search new trade items and can find out when certain trade items are available. If you find out that a certain trade item is not available or you would like to know the price of a trade item, you can send the grower a request.

Click on the three dots next to the trade item and then choose Add to selection.

You can also add several trade items at once. Select the checkboxes of the relevant trade items and choose Add to selection in the bottom bar.

At the top of the bar, a number will appear next to the selection icon. From here you can submit a request per grower for the trade items added to the selection.

Click on Request to send the request to the grower. Next, the screen will appear where you can enter the details of the request.

  • (1) Title of the request

  • (2) Description of the request (optional)

  • (3) Order period

  • (4) Delivery period

  • (5) Latest reaction time

  • (6) Reference

  • (7) Quantities

  • (8) Packaging configuration per trade item

  • (9) Price per unit per trade item

Under advanced (10), you can indicate whether the price includes or excludes transport costs and/or sticker costs.

Once everything has been filled in as desired, click on Send request.

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