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Orders via an eWallet

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This article will tell you what an eWallet is, how to recognise an eWallet order and what credit status an eWallet order may carry.

What is an eWallet and how does it work?

With an eWallet, a buyer deposits money in advance into a digital wallet to pay for purchases on the clock, clock presales or direct trades. This allows buyers to be able to use our marketplace and purchase from growers, while ensuring payment security.

Check the spending budget

Orders placed in Floriday through an eWallet are checked for the buyer's spending budget. When there is sufficient budget, a reservation (claim) is executed in the eWallet.

The spending budget ensures that a buyer does not purchase too much relative to the guarantees that have been given. In this way, Royal FloraHolland avoids over-crediting from the buyers. In this way, the spending budget ensures that the payment can be guaranteed.

My Wallet

In Floriday, you can see the overview of your eWallet. Click on the eWallet icon at the top of the screen.

You can find the wallet balance, purchase orders, purchase order corrections, deposits and corrections here. From here, you can click through to the purchase order for more details. This allows you to clearly see all income and expenses and easily check whether a purchase fits into the eWallet.

The summary shows the value of the order (order column) and the calculated total (calculated column) based on VAT, levies and packages.

How do you place an eWallet order?

If you place an order in Floriday via my shop or the Explorer, you will see the eWallet balance when you place the order. It will check whether there is sufficient balance in your eWallet to place the order. This check is made on the order amount + 33% mark-up (for VAT, cask and levies). If you have sufficient balance, the order can be placed. The order button is blue.

If there is insufficient balance in your eWallet for the order + 33%, the order cannot be placed. The order button is greyed out. You need to top up your eWallet balance first.

How can you top up?

You can top up the balance via bank transfer or via top-up through Online Payment Platform.

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