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Order progress of purchase orders
Order progress of purchase orders

Want to know the progress of an order? Simply check the order status.

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In our sector, there's a lot of phoning back and forth to make a quick check on the progress of orders. That costs an enormous amount of time for you and the grower. Floriday has set up a handy function especially to tackle this issue: the order progress overview.

Overview of purchase orders

Go to purchasing > purchase orders > order progress.

This overview displays precisely with which grower an order has been placed, number of orders, delivery costs, and order size. If a sticker has been added to the order, this screen page also shows whether it's been printed.

In the order status, you can also see whether it's still possible to add to the order, or whether the delivery has already been processed.

Filter options

  • Date: select the date of the order you are searching for.

  • Grower: here you can see orders with all growers, or filter by a specific grower.

  • Status: unfulfilled orders, fulfilled orders, or all orders can be displayed.

How does it work?

Place an order with the grower via Direct purchase and then view the order progress. You can see that an additional order is still possible.

And the order status also shows when delivery has been completed. Then it's no longer possible to add to the order.

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