Standard delivery location

(three dots in top right corner > Settings > Preferences)

It's now possible to set a standard delivery location by setting it as a preference. Setting this makes working with Floriday easier. That's why setting the standard delivery location has become an element in completing your profile. If you have not yet done this, you also get the opportunity during the purchasing process to enter the standard location by way of a direct link.

Shop closed

It's now possible to close the shop on Floriday on Sundays. When set by the grower, it's not possible to make a direct purchase on Sundays.


(Network > Requests > Supply)

In Floriday, It was already possible to submit requests to growers. This possibility is now extended with the following options:

Number of items

It’s now possible to enter the desired number of items for every trade item. You can also set the number and price for more trade items at the same time by selecting more trade items at the same time.

Packing configuration

You can now choose for 'All available packing configurations'. This way, you can choose from the packing configurations available for this trade item at a later time in the ordering process.


You can indicate per item whether the grower can still make any changes. You can also now remove from or add trade items to the quote request. However, only if the response time has not yet expired.

Undetermined response time

You often give an ultimate response time with a request for quote. It's now also possible to not fill this in. The quote request remains in effect indefinitely, allowing you to make changes.


Not yet fully ready with the requests for quotes, or perhaps a colleague takes over the task? Then you can simply save the quote request as a concept in order to continue at a later time. These concept versions are found under a separate category in the overview of 'Requests for quotes'.

Copying requests

Want to make a similar quote request? Then you can easily copy an existing similar quote. This is saved as a concept, so that you can still apply the necessary changes.

Editing 'Requests' via 'Offers'

You can view the Offer regulations and make an order when the grower offers a quote using an 'Offer'. You can also edit the quote request here, should any changes still be necessary.

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