2-Factor Authentication

Increase the security of your account(s)

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2-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a more secure way of logging in. In fact, it adds a second layer of protection to your Floriday account. This means that in addition to entering a user name and password, you will need a second code to log in.

Optional selection by the primary user

2-FA is not automatically enabled but is a choice of the primary user within the company you work for. A primary user can specify in their settings menu per user whether 2-FA will be added to the login process or not required.

On this page we explain step by step how it works:

Enable or disable 2FA for users as primary user

Go to Settings and select Colleagues & use. As the primary user, you will see an overview of all users here. Under the Security heading you can see whether 2-FA is provided on a mandatory basis (green bullet) or not (red bullet). You can also see when the user last logged in. To activate 2-FA, click on the three dots to the right of a user.

After you have clicked on the three dots, for each user you can choose whether to make 2-Factor Authentication mandatory or - if this has already been set up and you want to override it - to choose Override 2-Factor Authentication.

Reset 2FA as primary user

As a primary user, you can also reset the 2FA setting. Click on the user's three dots and click Cancel 2-Factor Authentication.

Set up 2-FA as user

Log in to Floriday with your username and password and click Sign in.

You get a pop-up about 2-Factor Authentication (2FA). Press Setup to continue. NOTE: Don't see this screen? Then ask the primary user within your company to turn on 2-FA in the Settings menu.

In this step, choose iPhone if you have an Apple iPhone or Android if you have a smartphone from another brand. After making your choice, a download button appears where you can download the Google Authenticator App. Download the app if you don't have it on your phone yet. Then click on Next.

Open the Google Authenticator (or other Authenticator app), tap the "+" icon and then select "Scan Barcode". Scan the QR code with your phone. Floriday has now been added to the Google Authenticator App. Press Next.

Then enter the code that appears in the app and press Verify.

Please note: Enter the code before the circle in the app 'runs out'.

Once you have entered the code, you will be directed to the platform. From that moment on, you will log in each time with a code from the Google Authenticator app (or other Authenticator app). This code is different for every login.

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