With the Explorer, you can buy on current supply in Floriday and manage your assortment. Thanks to handy filters, you can quickly find growers and their supply for the day or forward trade. You can also use the Explorer to send requests directly and make price lists. You can also use the Explorer to fill your linked webshop.

On this page, we briefly discuss the following topics and refer to specific helpcenter pages with more information:

Manage Assortment

Are you looking for articles and do you want to discover a new assortment? In the Explorer, you can easily search by grower, article name, product group, pot size, plant height or other properties.

From here, you can discover new articles and/or growers. By selecting these, you can make a selection of these articles. In the Explorer, you can easily manage these articles by adjusting their properties, so that they appear neatly in your webshop.

Direct purchasing

Have you received an order list from a customer? With the Explorer, you can find and purchase the right up-to-date offer from growers quickly and easily. You select where and when you want to have items delivered, and on the basis of that selection you receive the available supply.


Through the Explorer in Floriday, you can discover the assortment of all growers in different ways:

  • Novelties: growers can submit novelties to Royal FloraHolland, who will then test and approve them as a novelty. By clicking on this tile, you can discover all the novelties and, if you have a connection with the grower, purchase them.

  • 360° product photos: Growers have the option in Floriday to add a 360° product photo to the product. By clicking on it, you will find all articles for which a photo has been added that you can digitally rotate.

  • RFH Select: Buy plants and flowers via RFH Select without inventory risk and delivered very quickly. By clicking on this, you will immediately find all articles.

Product groups

Are you looking for items from a particular product group? If so, at the bottom of the page you will find various product groups that you can easily select.

Providing a price list to customers

In Floriday it is possible to make a price list to customers. You can select supply lines from the explorer, the shop or from a special offer. At the top of the bar a button is added for price lists that keeps track of the selected lines.


In Floriday you can place requests for supply or for the articles that the grower has in the catalog. So basically you ask the grower if certain products are available within a certain period and what the prices for the products are. The grower can answer the request through Floriday and in this way an appointment can be made.

Trending articles

In the Explorer, you can now easily discover trending articles. The search page now displays the top 3 from the past week. The top 3 are determined based on search volume, number of clicks and number of sales, among other things. You can easily add these trending articles to a supply request or price list, mark them as favorites or purchase them directly.

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