Setting shortcuts on the dashboard

It is now possible to customise which shortcuts you will see on the dashboard You can now select the shortcuts under Settings > Preferences > Navigation.

Placing timeline updates

As a buyer, you can now place timeline updates for growers. When you place an update, this is displayed on the timeline for all growers in your network. You can place a timeline update by clicking on the horn icon on the dashboard.

Timeline update with new trade items

From now on, you will receive a timeline update every workday with new trade items that have been added to the Explorer. With this timeline update, you immediately see what is new, and you can also click to view the trade items in more detail.

Remember last selected sorting order in the Explorer

From now on, the Explorer will remember the last sorting order that you selected in the Explorer (for example by grower name). The next time you visit the Explorer, this sorting order is applied again automatically.

Downloading trade item photos from the Explorer

It is now possible to download trade item photos from the Explorer. Click on a trade item to open it and click on the 'download button' at the bottom right of the photo. Once you download a photo in this way, the photo is given the corresponding item code as the file name, so you can always find it again easily.

Task to stop following deleted trade items

If you have selected trade items (using the star) but these trade items have been deleted by the grower, you will now see a task in the Explorer. When you click on this task, you can deselect the deleted trade items to keep your assortment properly organised.

Setting response time for corrections

By default, the grower has until 17:00 on the next work day to respond to a correction request. It is now possible to have a correction request processed earlier (within 1, 2, or 3 hours).

Collections in offers

In offers, the trade items are now displayed in the collections created by the grower (like in the growers' shop). This keeps the offers organised.

Packing configuration is displayed with matching decorative pots

From now on, the packing configuration is also displayed for matching decorative pots, so that as a buyer you can immediately see how many pots you will receive.

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