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Explorer - Create feedback
Explorer - Create feedback

Learn more about how to create report feedback

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Now that the Explorer is live for all buyers, it is extra important that the supply of growers is set up correctly, so that you get the right search results when setting certain filters. If you now see an item, of which the picture does not look right, the availability is not correct, an item characteristic is missing or a packing is not set correctly, it is now possible to make a report to the grower.

Reports are sent to the grower so they have a chance to make improvements. Where necessary, we provide support. If reports are unfairly ignored we may hide an item, or the entire catalog of a grower in the Explorer. Please handle this with care.

To be able to make a report, it is necessary that your profile data is set to public. This allows the grower to see who the report is from.

How does it work?

Click on the three dots of the item for which you want to make a report towards the grower and click Report feedback.

Choose the topic the notification is about:

Click Confirm to send the grower the notification of the possible improvement that can be made.


Photo is not representative and/or not a picture of the product. Photo is of low quality or contains objects/parts that are not relevant.

You can give the following reasons for this:

  • Not representative or not a product photo

  • Contains irrelevant elements or objects

  • Low quality

  • Photo is rotated

Next, you can give an explanation.


Product is not available or only partially available in specified period of the item.

You can give the following reasons for this:

  • The specified availibility period is incorrect

  • This product is not available year-round

Next, you can give an explanation.


Item information such as pot size, stem length, transport height, country of origin is incorrect or missing.

You can give the following reasons for this:

  • Characteristic is incorrect

  • Characteristic is missing

Then you can give an explanation.

Packing configurations

Loads missing or incorrect. Excessive use of keg code 999 or settlement codes without defined own kegs.

You can give the following reasons for this:

  • Package code is incorrect

  • Incorrect number of layers per carrier

  • Incorrect number of packages per layer

  • Incorrect number of pieces per package

  • Packing configuration is missing

Then you can give an explanation.

Finally, view the reports you or your colleagues have made (Explorer > Feedback).

Here you can also see whether the grower to whom you made the report still has to deal with it, or whether it has already been dealt with.

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