Did you find an interesting article in Floriday? By clicking on the star next to the item, you make the item into a selected assortment.

By selecting items, you can:

  • Populate your own software package: Depending on the type of software package and the way the API connection is set up, the items selected will be transferred to your own package.

  • Populate your online shop: You can choose to populate your online shop based on the selected assortment.

  • Order at a later date: Thanks to the handy filter option, you can simply revisit the selected assortment at a later time to place an order, for example.

On this page, we explain the following actions:

Filter by selected assortment

Go to Explorer and enter the data you are looking for.

Then the search results appear and you can set the star as the filter.

Let grower add selected assortment

The grower will also see an overview in Floriday of the items you have selected from them.

It is also possible to give the grower permission to select the assortment for you. This can be set by the main Floriday user in trade settings.

Go to Match & Connect > Network and click on Trade settings

By checking the trade setting above, you allow growers to select assortment. Here you can set exceptions for growers who are not allowed to do so.

You can also choose to turn this option off and add only a few growers who are allowed to do so.

Geselecteerd assortiment beheren

To display the articles neatly in your webshop, you can manage the assortment within Floriday. When you filter on selected articles, you can easily manage the assortment. In the search screen you can set the preferred load.

The other properties of the assortment can also be easily managed here. For example, in the overview you can see which settings have already been made because the icon turns yellow. By clicking on the pencil you can set the adjusted article name and photo.

On the left hand side, you're also able to see who made the latest changes to the product.

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