Incoterm validation

The incoterm validation has become slightly stricter so for example you cannot now choose a delivery location outside NL BE and DE at DDP and where the financial settlement goes via RFH

Transport costs display

In the Explorer and in the Direct Purchasing screens, the transport costs are now also shown in the delivery conditions. You can see the delivery conditions when you hover over the name of the grower.

Delivery terms tile view

Since last week it has been possible to view the grower's delivery terms in the list view. This is now also possible in tile view if you hover over the grower name with your mouse.

Add growers to your network

You can also add growers to your network via the Explorer. In the Explorer, go to Manage assortment. Then choose suppliers at the top right. Click on the three dots at the supplier where you would like to connect with and choose Add connection.

This way you can easily see what's on offer by searching for an article. This will show you the suppliers who offer that item. This way you can form connections with growers who are interesting for you to follow.

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