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Latest developments Week 2 2023 - Wishes week
Latest developments Week 2 2023 - Wishes week

Floriday is constantly evolving. Discover the latest functionalities and releases for week 2 2023 in this article.

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Preference for requests: include transport and/or stickers as standard

You can now set the default for requests to always include transport and stickers. Go to Settings > Preferences. Here you can manage the default request settings.

The next Wishes week

The top of the roadmap will now show when the next Wishes week is. Be sure to add your demands and requests to the roadmap before that date.

Timeline posts with items that have become available again

Once a week, you will get a timeline update with items that were unavailable for a while but which have now become available again.

Clickable grower names on timeline posts

On the timeline you can scroll through posts from growers in your network. Grower company names are now clickable on the timeline. Clicking on the company name will take you directly to the grower's company details.

Filter by unselected range

In Explorer you can now also filter by unselected range. These are all the items that you have not starred.

Delivery conditions pop-up when hovering over grower

When you hover over a grower's name in the Explorer, a pop-up will now appear with the grower's delivery conditions.

Total grower products

If you have selected a grower in the Explorer and you only have the selected range (starred items) in view, you can now also see the total number of items offered by the grower.

Improvement of container filter for flowers

When you search for flowers in the Explorer, you can now also filter by container. Now when you select a grower, only the containers offered by this grower will appear in the container filter.

Repeated calls on a contract for an extended period

You can now set automatic repeated call-offs on a contract for a pre-determined period of time. Create a call-off order and select 'repeat' for the call-off order. Here you can set how often this call-off order can be placed automatically, e.g. every week on Monday for a month.

Purchase tip: option to place everything directly in shopping basket

Within a purchase tip, you can now add all products directly to the shopping basket.

Offer search bar

A search bar has been added within offers. This search bar allows you to search for specific products within an offer.

Offers not yet available for order in overview

Offers that are not yet available are now shown in a grower's offer overview.

Overview of requests sorted by creation date by default

The requests overview is now sorted by creation date instead of response time by default. This lets you clearly see what the latest requests are.

In request 'Price per piece' is now 'Requested price'

Previously in a request you would see 'Price per piece' above the price column, which could be a little confusing. This column has now been renamed 'Requested price'.

List view for network overview

You can now also display the grower overview under 'Network' as a list view.

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