In the Explorer, you can work with supply selections. Here, you can make selections of certain product types or make a selection per buyer. This way, you can easily filter in the Explorer and immediately find the items or supply that is of interest to you.

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Creating supply selection

In Floriday, go to Explorer in the menu and click Supply selections. You will find an overview of the supply selections created by colleagues here.

Click New supply selection to add a new selection here.

Enter the name of the supply selection, a description and upload an image. Then click Save.

The newly created supply selection is added to the overview, after which you can use it in the Explorer.

Adding items to the supply selection

To add the right items to the supply selection, use the filters in the Explorer to search for them.

Have you found an item you want to add to a supply selection? Click on the three dots and then Add to supply selection.

You can also add multiple items to a selection at the same time. Select the relevant items and then click Add to supply selection in the yellow bar.

Filtering by supply selections

Thanks to the classification of items within supply selections, you can now easily filter by the relevant supply selection.

From here, you can manage your assortment or purchase directly the range for these particular items.

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