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Latest developments Week 16 2023 - Wishes week
Latest developments Week 16 2023 - Wishes week

Floriday is constantly evolving. Discover the latest functionalities and releases for week 16 2023 in this article.

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Saving filter sets in Explorer

It is now possible to save your filter sets in the Explorer. Once you have applied a number of filters, you can save the current filters using the button below. You give the filter set a name. Next time, you can then find the saved filter under 'saved filters'.

Filter for several product groups at once

You can now filter for multiple product groups at once in the Explorer. You can search on several groups and also click away groups again using the cross.

Filtering on multiple certificates simultaneously

You can now filter for multiple certificates at once in the Explorer. You can search on multiple certificates and also click away certificates using the cross.

Hide growers in Explorer

It is now possible to hide all items from a particular grower in the Explorer. Click the 3 dots next to an item of the grower you want to hide and choose: Hide this grower from search results.

Grower information tooltip when managing assortment

In Manage Assortment, you will now also see the information tooltip when you hover over a grower. The tooltip includes contact details and delivery conditions of the grower.

1 step back during Explorer search

When you now click the back button in the Explorer, you go back to the previous search.

Explorer filters retained when changing organisations

Within Floriday, Explorer filters are now remembered the moment you switch organisations. So if you work with multiple header numbers, you can now easily search further in the Explorer after changing the organisation.

VBN code and name visible in tile view

The VBN code and name are now visible for each item in the Explorer's tile view.

After adding favourite (star) select offer selection

When you select an item in the Explorer using the star, you are now immediately given the option to add this item to an offer selection as well.

Year numbers visible within contracts

Within contracts, years are now also visible so you have a better overview.

Search bar when creating or editing contracts

A search option has now been added when creating or editing a contract. You can now easily search between all items in the contract here.

Only show growers in the filter where orders have been placed

In the purchase order screen, you can filter by grower, previously this filter showed the full list of growers. Now only the growers with whom orders have been placed are shown here.

Direct bidding

Tile display for Direct bidding

You can now choose the tile view in addition to the list view of products in Direct bidding.

Last 5 transactions in direct bidding

The last 5 transactions are now visible on the right-hand side of the screen under Direct bidding.

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