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The advantages of shopping on Floriday with the API connection
The advantages of shopping on Floriday with the API connection

VMP connection versus API connection: what is the distinction?

Written by Karin Wangko
Updated over a week ago

Do you want to be able to order quickly, save on logistics and administration, but still keep working through your own software package? Then you should work through the Floriday API connection!

The Floriday API connection allows buyers and growers to exchange a huge amount of data with each other. With the API, as a buyer, you only need one link to bring in all the supply. Various direct links like with the VMP are no longer necessary. The speed of the API also ensures that an order from end customers can be implemented immediately.

Compared to other links like the VMP and Florecom, the Floriday API link is forward-looking and offers the most advantages. See below which functionalities are available through the API and what it will give you.

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Increased reliability to your customers

Most up-to-date stock and prices for your customers through continuous updates

You can buy from current stock because response times via the API are much faster. Within 500 milliseconds, there is a response to an action. As a customer, you know what you can count on, even for your end customer. You can therefore confidently link our supply to your webshop. And unwanted corrections are necessary much less often due to this speed.

Direct order processing for your customers who therefore do not miss out

When you place an order via the API link, it is validated immediately. You receive immediate feedback on the status so you know how the processing is going and what actions are still needed. You are sure of your trade and you can tailor your webshop flow accordingly.

Control your network with preferred suppliers (without technical knowledge)

Through Floriday, you can build your own network of preferred suppliers. The Floriday API link is the only link that allows you to make connections with growers via your own software package. After the grower receives your connection request, the grower can add you to a price group or create specific supply for you as a buyer. You no longer need to create separate links per grower as with the VMP.

Sourcing with reliable grower data (certificates, ordering, delivery and payment options)

Through the API link, you can easily retrieve various data in addition to the catalogue. Such as the plant passport, certification, but also delivery locations or same-day delivery. You quickly have all your product information at your fingertips.

Are there any changes in certification? These immediately come through automatically in the API link. This allows you as a buyer to use the most up-to-date grower and supply data for your purchasing selections.

Delivery security for orders

Fundamentally, you have delivery security because you order via the API on correct supply. This gives it a legal basis.

Order traceability gives you even more security when ordering via API. Moreover, through the API, you can retrieve all terms and conditions such as transport and delivery costs, and you will be aware of the grower's times and delivery terms. This adds to the security of your order.

Insight into current order, correction, delivery and payment status

If you have placed an order via Floriday, you will always see the current status surrounding the order and payment.

Saving on your logistics and administration

Automatic invoice check of orders and deliveries

Orders placed via the API automatically receive an invoice check. So this no longer needs to be done manually and can therefore save manpower.

When the order is handled via the API, it always includes your own reference. So this is always traceable for you. The order also indicates which end customer this order belongs to. This is visible through a DESADV (advance notice of delivery) and an ASN created.

This information can be used for entering orders. This reference comes through in invoicing and is processed with an XML invoice. Using the reference, you can find out which invoice line is linked to which end customer.

Automatic entry and approval

Through Floriday, the grower can place a logistics (batch) sticker on your order containing the same details as in the Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN). This makes signing in very easy.

After scanning the trade, any corrections that follow can be immediately fed back to the grower via the API. The grower can immediately see this on the delivery in Floriday via this notification. This information matches to the workflow of you as a buyer. And this immediately approves the correction so that the grower is quickly informed.

Settling only for what you have placed orders

A grower cannot deliver more than the order placed with an order through the API. This gives the buyer a guarantee that no more will be settled than is stated in the order. This is because there is a direct link to the order and this is checked. If a grower wants to make a change, a correction request is always required, unless it is a direct order from the grower.

Submission, insight and control over acceptance of corrections

pThe correction process via API is fully digitised and recorded. The grower can approve your submitted correction. The adjustment is settled directly via the API. As there is no need to check data statements, it saves manpower and time. Moreover, you know immediately where you stand. Through the VMP, corrections are not possible, only cancellations.

Does the grower want to make corrections? You can decide per grower whether you want to check the indicated corrections or whether they can be made automatically. You indicate this by using your trading settings.

Specification of own casks (e.g. size/weight/photo/cask settlement codes)

Some growers develop their own packing boxes and casks that you, the buyer, can purchase. Through the Floriday API, custom packages can be offered with picture and description such as dimensions, material and weight. That way, you know exactly what you are choosing and have the right data for the cart calculation. Moreover, it has a settlement code from Floricode attached to it so you know what the cost is. In turn, you can also easily display these custom packages in your webshop or link to them.

With the VMP link, such specifications are not possible.

Quick ordering on your chosen range

Directing the supply to your customers without additional costs and technical knowledge

Through the API, buyers can organise their assortment management. You can specify which items from which growers you want to add to your range. With the VMP link, the grower has much of the control, with the API, you as the buyer have more control. In this way you can put together a specific range for your (retail) contracts, to fill your webshop and/or to create table plans for garden centres. As a buyer, you can enrich the items you select for this purpose by choosing primary photos or loadings. You can even change the name of the item to a variant that appeals more to your customer. You can make changes to the range easily and yourself, unlike with the VMP. Indeed, via the API, you no longer need to coordinate this over the phone with the grower.

The range of offerings accessed through the API is vast. It is possible to access stock filtered: custom sync. Through a control room built by your own software supplier or through a control room via the Floriday API you can select growers and the type of offerings you want to see. You can also filter up to a maximum of 14 days of orderable supply. A control room works as follows:

  1. supply filters are set

  2. item selections/supply filters are linked to a stock

  3. supply is filtered

  4. routed to a stock

Pre-assemble assortment with requests

The API offers you as a buyer many opportunities to reach the right deal with a grower. Are you missing specific supply at the grower? Then you can easily submit a request for a variant of an item (with a different load or packaging, for example) from your own software package. When the grower accepts your request, an offer line is created in Floriday against which you can order. This allows you, the buyer, to ensure you have a complete assortment!

Automatic matching of supply and demand with order requests

If you send in an order via the API, Floriday automatically matches your order with data from the grower and a deal is created. If you cannot enter an order based on retrieved data, you can still adjust your order digitally or request the grower to make adjustments with an order request. With the VMP, adjustments can only be requested by phone.

Ordering on clock pre-sales supply

With clock pre-sales in Floriday, you can buy clock supply even before the auction. This gives you, as a buyer, the opportunity to easily buy in a fine-tuned way. The supply via the API is very complete: in addition to a rich assortment, it is possible to get transport heights and therefore make volume calculations based on customers' webshop sales. The order history of your clock pre-sales purchases remains viewable via the API. You can then also cancel your EKT subscription if you use this functionality.

Forward ordering, taking into account ordering and delivery windows

The Floriday API allows you to retrieve term offers (beyond 2 weeks) with corresponding prices and availability. It gives you insight into the upcoming season and allows you to provide your own clients with indications. This means that as a buyer, you can work ahead and make early offers to customers. Through the VMP, working with forward offers is technically not possible or very limited.

Only call-off within contract bandwidths (price/numbers)

As a buyer, you can make long-term arrangements with a grower. This provides certainty. This can be particularly useful for retail products. Through the API connection, you can record these agreements in a contract: here you add articles, weeks, prices and possibly a certain bandwidth in which you are allowed to deviate. On these appointments, buyers and growers can automatically call off via the API link.

Through the VMP, there is limited ability to call off from contracts; you cannot call off from bandwidths or work with interchangeable items.

Traceability of supply, order data and history

When you place an order via the API connection, you get feedback on the status of your order: is it settled, or is there still information missing? The order is validated immediately and fed back to you so that you can then take appropriate action if necessary. In your sales order message, everything is recorded and traceable, such as any corrections, your reference and your sales order id. This means you can always retrieve which item and supply line you ordered on. Through the VMP, changes cannot be traced and tracked.

Your sales order id will also appear again in the Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN). Via the ASN, you receive all information about the delivery: on which carts your product is, what is the position of the casks, which sales orders hang below them and which letter number is linked. All the info can be traced back to the sale. You, as the buyer, can indicate at line level whether it was delivered properly by the grower. In addition, you can also see where the order took place: via the clock or directly.

Ready for the future

Predictable logistics with Track & Trace and ETA

Soon, you will be able to view and retrieve product status via API. When the order is completed via Floriday, the first track and trace status is automatically prepared. This starts as early as the nursery, where the delivery is scanned in. We supplement this information with, among other things, the estimated time of arrival.

Easily connect to new trading opportunities and services

By using the API link, you are enabled to quickly use new features on the platform and new services. For example new services like the eWallet or new procurement options like Direct bidding.

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