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Latest developments Week 49 2023 - Wishes week
Latest developments Week 49 2023 - Wishes week

Floriday is constantly evolving. Discover the latest functionalities and releases for week 49 2023 in this article.

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Standard load carrier type and packaging code

You can now set a load carrier type and packaging code priority via Settings > Preferences. This way, this load and the package (if present) are set correctly in the Explorer by default, which saves a lot of work.

Display trade item name in Explorer

In Settings > Preferences you can now indicate which trade item name you want to see in the Explorer. You can choose between the trade item name entered by the grower, the abbreviated VBN product name and the short VBN product name.

Quick search bar

On Floriday's dashboard, you will now find a search bar that allows you to quickly search for a grower. In the search results, you can choose to visit the grower's shop or view the supply assortment via the Explorer.

Available again

You can now filter in the Explorer for items that are available again. This shows the supply that has become available again in the past month.

Sort by VBN product name

You can now also sort by VBN product name in the Explorer.

Indications for selected items

In Explorer, the indications for selected items are now also shown in the list view. These are the icons that indicate whether you have chosen a packing configuration or changed the name of the item (via Manage assortment).

Article description in standing orders screen

Improvements have been made to the standing orders screen, so that the article description is no longer truncated.

House and garden plants, cut flowers and hardware loose in Direct bidding

In Direct bidding, you can now also search for house and garden plants, cut flowers or hardware. This makes it easier to search for the product types you want to bid on.

Direct bidding purchase on last transactions

You can now easily re-bid on a product from the overview of last transactions in Direct bidding. Click on the trade item and you will be taken directly to the bidding screen.

Characteristics Direct bidding

From now on, characteristics such as pot size, height and number of flowers of items offered through Direct bidding will be shown. This way, you have the right information readily available to make a bid.

Re-purchase from purchase orders

Would you like to re-purchase a purchased product? From now on, you can click through from the purchase orders, which will take you to the Explorer. Here you can easily order the same product again.

Click on the three dots and choose Re-purchase same item.

Filtering by cancelled purchase orders

In the overview of all purchase orders, you can now filter for orders that have been cancelled. This may occur, for example, if the order does not meet the minimum delivery quantity.

Comment decline purchase order

When using the Exporters portal, you can choose to have to approve order requests. From now on, you can add a comment when you reject this purchase order.

Order requests from end customers

A separate tab has been added with End customer orders. You can easily filter here by the end customer whose order you want to see.

Blocking and unblocking customers

You can now block or unblock customers in the Exporters portal. A blocked customer cannot access the exporters portal.

Transaction surcharge for clock Presales

A separate price surcharge for clock Presales has been added in the Exporter module to pass on Royal FloraHolland's costs.

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