As soon as a contract with a grower has been made within Floriday, you can start placing standing orders on this contract. The grower can place these standing orders, but you can do this yourself as well in Floriday.

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Place standing orders on contracts

Go to the left side of the menu in Floriday to Agreements > Standing orders and click on “new standing order”.

Select the contract on which the standing orders has to be placed and choose whether you want to order for one day (standing order) or for multiple days at the same time (standing order schedule).

Fill out the delivery details and click on Next Step.

Fill out what you want to be delivered by the grower. You can choose a number of packaging units or a number of items. In this screen, you can still adjust the price within the agreed upon price range and after that you fill out how many packaging units you would like to deliver. Click on ‘Save and finalize’ to place the standing order.

The standing order is now ready and will be viewable in the standing order overview.

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