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Direct Purchasing is a convenient way to order flowers and plants. Read how to do this in this article!

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Buyers who make no or only partial use of their (own) software package for ordering flowers and plants can place direct orders in Floriday. In this way, they can digitally place an order on the growers’ supply in Floriday. Direct purchasing only works for growers who have been added to your network. Read how to do this in the section on adding growers to My Network.

Do you not yet have an account? Log in via You can log in here using the user name that belongs to the buyer number. Not working? Please contact the FloraHolland Customer Service Department. They can provide guidance.

Go to: for the contact details.

Getting started with Direct Purchasing

Click on the three dashes to the left of the Floriday logo. This will open the menu within Floriday. Then go to Purchasing > Direct purchasing. You'll be taken to a screen where you can see the growers you have a connection with. Use the search bar to find the grower and open the Shop.

When there are multiple stock locations, they are first displayed in the grower's shop. By clicking on the right stock location, you will see the offer available at that location. If the grower has only 1 location, you will be taken directly to the screen with the offer of that location.

In the shop of the selected grower, you will see the supply. Make sure you set the right delivery time. To do this, go to your shopping basket and select the delivery date and location.

Here you can choose whether you want to collect your order or have it delivered, depending on the grower's delivery conditions, there are options for this.

Now that you have set this up correctly, you can start purchasing.

The grower may have divided his offer into collections. In that case, first open the collection by clicking on it. You can choose to view the offer in list view or tile view. You can also use various filter options to search through the supply.

If you move your mouse over the 3 dots by an article, you will see the additional characteristics of the article. In addition, the grower gives the stock, prices and loads of the articles.

By opening the shopping cart, you will see the items contained therein. If the grower has created additional services such as covers, pots or ethylene treatment, you can select it at this step. Click the three dots next to the item and choose Additional Services. You can place these additional services in the shopping cart and they will be added to the order.

Would you like to add a comment to the shopping trolley line? Click on the 3 dots and then click on Edit. A screen appears showing the period and the quantity. You can also add a reference, end customer reference and a delivery remark.

Check whether the order is correct. If separate transport costs are charged by the grower, these will appear in the total overview. Have you selected the correct load configuration, entered the correct quantity and possibly selected the additional services? Then choose which service provider should process the settlement. You can select this by clicking on the arrow.

Then place the order by clicking on the button. You will see a screen with a summary of your order. The tick marks under the status column mean that the order has been placed. The grower receives a notification in his dashboard that he can finalise a delivery, print the correct delivery note and then hang it on his cart.

Do you want to place another order? Then click on the button Continue with ordering.

Do you want an overview of the orders? Go to Purchase orders (also available via the dashboard). Here you can see the products ordered with information about the load configuration, grower, quantity, price, order time, delivery time, customer reference, status etc.

Forward purchasing

Do you want to purchase in advance and see if the grower is able to offer the same products 8 weeks later? You can view this by clicking on Term from within your shopping trolley.

The grower fills this in, making it visible to you as a buyer. Click on the Delivery time and see if it contains any supply lines. Select the available delivery time and then click on Confirm.

Minimum order size

Growers can set a minimum order size. This might, for instance, be one full trolley. If you are below the minimum order size, as a buyer you will get a message in the overview and you cannot place the order.

Purchase tip

The purchase tip is mainly intended for supplies that are not yet in the system. If growers have exclusivities and you have a lot of telephone or e-mail contact about this, you can ask the grower in question if he would like to send you a purchase tip. You can confirm that purchase tip in Floriday. The grower fills in the quantity, purchase unit and price. You can find the purchase tips in the dashboard.

You can see the proposal in the purchase tip. You then select the desired delivery time and also how you want the order to be settled.

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