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The Network component is very important in Floriday. This is the section where you can make connections with growers you want to do business with or receive connection requests from growers who want to do business with you.

Growers can work with price groups. When a grower works with price groups, the grower must assign a buyer into them. Once this is done, the buyer can see growers' prices in Floriday. When a grower works with general prices, the grower does not need to assign the buyer into a price group to see prices. This is important for direct purchasing, among other things. This function enables you to purchase directly on the supply of connected growers. In addition, an order is more likely to be matched in the purchasing dashboard when suitable supply is found.

By searching through the explorer, you can further expand your network in Floriday. When you have found an interesting article or a grower you want to buy from in the future, you can visit the store through the article to make a connection.

Using Floriday, growers can quickly invite buyers to visit their online shop. As soon as you, as a buyer, respond to this, you will enter the grower's range and you can send a connection request to the grower. Once the grower has accepted the connection request, the grower enters your network and you can do business easily from that moment on.

On this page, we discuss the following items:

Managing the network

Go to the menu on the left and click on Match & connect.

You will then arrive at the following screen. In this environment you will see your connections. If you have several connections and want to search quickly, you can use the search bar to type in the name of the grower.

You can see whether the growers have activated their Shop in Floriday. If the shop icon is coloured, it means that the grower has activated his shop containing his supply. You can buy directly from this grower. If the icon is grey, the grower has not yet activated his shop. The purple tick behind the name indicates whether the grower is ready for to work digitally.

Adding growers

You can add growers to your network and connect with them in two ways.

Via Network

Go to Network > Network and then to All Growers. At the top of the screen you have suggestions based on your preferences. This is matched to the delivery location(s), segments and product groups you can specify through the dashboard task 'Complete your profile'. You can also search very specifically for growers. You have the search bar, where you can search by grower name or different filter options on the left side. When you want to form a connection with a grower, click Add connection. The invitation is sent to the grower. The grower receives a notification of this. Once he has accepted the connection and assigned you to a price group, you can start buying.

You can also use the filter function to show all growers who are part of a certain suplliers collective.

Via the Explorer

You can also add growers to your network through the Explorer. When you search by assortment or supply you have the choice at the top to select growers. This way you can easily see what's on offer by searching for a particular item. This will show you the growers who offer that item. This way you can form connections with growers who are interesting for you to follow.

Connection requests

Growers can also send a connection request to you. A grower can only send a connection request to a buyer with matching product groups. When a grower sends a connection request, it appears at Network > Network > Connection requests. A new connection request appears under Pending. A connection request remains here until it is accepted or declined. The moment a connection request is refused, a grower cannot send it again. Declined connection requests will appear under Declined.

Visit a grower's company page

When you click on a grower, you will be taken to their company page. Here you will find general company information, such as GLN number, address, phone number, website and social media channels.

From here you can click through to the grower's Shop, Offers, contacts, delivery terms and additional services. You can also find here which trade settings the grower has set.

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