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Make sure that orders entered match with the supply on Floriday.

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The purchasing dashboard is the place where all orders are displayed that do not match the grower's supply lines in Floriday. There are various processes in which the orders can end up in the purchasing dashboard, namely by submitting Florecom orders, by using an Excel upload, by manually entering orders or when the orders are only submitted via the API but no supply is going to be retrieved.

In these cases, no supply is retrieved from Floriday. As a result, it may happen that you submit an order with a different price, packing configuration or availability.

The purchasing dashboard matches these digitally entered orders with supply lines that growers have set in Floriday based on availability, price and packing configuration. Orders that do not match the supply lines from Floriday can be matched by using the purchasing dashboard to submit a request to a grower, by choosing an alternative product or by buying the product for the price and/or packing configuration that the grower has set in Floriday.

To make the best use of the purchasing dashboard, it is important that you add all the growers you do business with to your network. Once following the grower, the grower can assign you to a price group. This enables you to see the prices and there is a greater chance of the order being matched. If you are not yet assigned to a price group, orders may not be processed in the purchasing dashboard as no suitable supply can be found.

The following steps are discussed on this page:

Looking up orders where action is required

Go to Purchase > Purchasing Dashboard > Action Required. This is where all orders are placed that do not match the grower’s online supply.

In the various columns, you can find more information about the order, such as the packing configuration, supplier, quantity, price, order moment, delivery m, customer reference and status.

The status column indicates why the order is not automatically forwarded to the grower. Based on that, you know what action you need to take to ensure that it matches the grower’s online supply.

No supply found

If no supply is available, you can search for an alternative.

Different price

In the case of a different price, you can make a request to the grower or order the product as it is priced.

Different packaging

In the case of a different packing configuration, you can make a request to the grower or order the product with the packing configuration stated.

Searching for an alternative

If no products are found, you can search for an alternative.

Click the three dots on the right side of the line> click Search Alternatives.

You will end up in an overview where all alternatives can be seen. You can choose to request an alternative from the chosen grower or from other growers. Select the search filters.

When you have found the right product, you can click on the shopping basket and place your order with the relevant grower.

Submitting a request

If the product differs on the basis of price and/or packing configuration, you can choose to make a request to the grower to make this product available with a different price and/or packing configuration.

Click on the three dots on the right side of the line > and click Request.

A screen will appear indicating which product it concerns. Here you can set a different price or packaging. If desired, you can also add a description. When you click on Save, the request is sent to the grower and the order is shown in the purchasing dashboard under the Pending tab. All orders on which the grower still has to take action are shown here.

Ordering products with a different price or packing configuration

You can also choose to order the products despite the different price or packing configuration. You can do this by clicking on the shopping basket on the right side of the line and placing the order.


With statistics you can keep track of how much (percent) of the order is being matched. You can view the figures for the past week or compare the percentages for the past weeks.

Purchasing dashboard settings

It’s possible in the Floriday settings to give preferences to make use of the purchasing dashboard even easier. Go to the three dots at the top-right of the screen > Settings > System.

Purchasing dashboard settings

In purchasing dashboard settings, you should choose the option: “Skip ‘Ready to order’”. If this option is set to “on”, matched purchase orders will automatically be forwarded as sales orders. If this isn't selected, the order must first be confirmed in the screen ‘ready to order’.

In addition, you can choose for the option Skip "Ready to Order" for accepted supply requests. When this options is enabled, purchase orders with accepted supply requests will automatically be turned into sales orders.

Supplier-specific settings

Do you do a lot of business with a particular grower? Then you should add this grower to your settings. Select the grower, type in the auction code and if necessary tick the "Ready to order" section for this specific grower. In that case, matched purchase orders for this grower will automatically be forwarded as sales orders.

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