The purchase orders overview provides a clear overview of all purchase orders with the various characteristics.

In the overview of all purchase orders, you can first see which products you have purchased and the associated characteristics, packing configuration, quantities and price. In addition, you can see from which grower the item was ordered, the order moment and the delivery moment. If this is specified, the customer reference is displayed. The last rows show the platform through which the order was placed, the financial processing and whether the grower has approved or rejected the order.

This overview can be displayed by day, week or month. In addition, you can filter by order date, delivery date, supplier, and type instrument. By clicking on price, order time, delivery moment or customer reference, you can determine the sequence of the display. When the display is as you wish, you can create a CSV download of the displayed overview.

Click on the tree dots on the right-hand side of each row. Here you can see the details of the order row, send an EKT for this row, request a correction or add a sticker.

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