Purchase orders

Easily create an easy-to-understand overview of all your purchase orders.

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The purchase orders overview provides a clear overview of all purchase orders with the various characteristics.

Overview Purchase Orders

Go to purchasing >purchase orders.

In the overview of all purchase orders, you can first see which products you have purchased along with their corresponding characteristics, loading, quantities, and price. Additionally, you can see which grower the item was ordered from, the time of order, and the delivery moment. When provided, the customer reference is displayed. In the last rows, you can see through which platform the order was placed, how the financial settlement is proceeding, and whether the grower has approved or rejected the order. For more detail, you can also click open the purchase order.


You can display this overview by day, week, month, or a custom period. Additionally, you can filter by order date, delivery date, grower, and trade form. By clicking on price, order time, delivery moment, or customer reference, you can determine the order of the display. Once the display is to your satisfaction, you can create a CSV download of the displayed overview.

โ€‹Extensive Filter Options

By pressing the button marked in green, an extensive filter menu will appear on the left side, allowing you to filter by the following characteristics:

  • Product Group

  • Sales Channel

  • Interface

  • Purchaser

  • Credit Check

  • EKT Status

  • Status

  • Origin of Purchase Order

    • End Customer

    • Supplier

Options per Purchase Order

For each purchase order, you can retrieve more information or take action. This can be done by right-clicking on the line or by clicking on the three dots on the right side of the line. A window will then open where you can select the various options.

  • Details: View the details of the purchase order.

  • Start chat: Start a chat to discuss the specific purchase order with the grower.

  • Report issue: Make a report about the specific purchase order to the grower.

  • Reorder this item: Reorder the item from the purchase order again.

  • Request correction: Initiate a correction request.

  • Add sticker: Choose the correct additional sticker service and add a sticker.

  • Cancel: If possible, you can still cancel the purchase order (within 5 minutes after placing the purchase order).

Checkbox for sending EKT

If you would like to send EKT messages for the purchase orders, you can do this on the left side in the checkboxes per line or at the top for all displayed lines at once. After checking, a green bar appears at the bottom with the option "Send EKT". Pressing this will result in sending the EKT message for these purchase orders.

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