Direct bidding

With Direct bidding, you can easily trade with growers by means of bids.

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Growers can offer lots through Direct bidding, which you as a buyer can then bid on. You have until 15:00 to place a bid. By bidding the asking price, you purchase the product directly and guarantee the trade items are yours. You can also place a bid. The grower will then determine whether to accept the bid. The grower has until 15:15 to reduce the asking price and thus accept the bid..

On this page, we will explain how it works step by step:

Place a bid

In Floriday, go to Purchasing > Direct bidding. Click on the product type you wish to bid on or click on the option to see all.

You will then be taken to an overview of all the lots that are offered for this product type.

In the case of this test environment, only 1 lot was offered for this product type. Next to this lot you can see the quantity, the asking price and the bids already placed. These are shown in descending price.

Click on the bid icon to place a bid.

You will see an overview of the bids that have already been placed by other buyers. The highest bid is at the top. If you bid the asking price, you will purchase immediately, even if the closing time of 15:00 has not yet been reached.

You can enter the bid and the number of layers/trolleys. You can also include an (end customer) reference and a delivery remark. Then click on Bid.

You can see that the bid has been placed. Only you and your colleagues can see that you have placed this bid. You will be anonymous to the grower and other buyers.

If you offer the asking price or the bid is accepted, you have a deal. The trade items will be delivered the next day at 06:00 to Legmeerdijk 313, Bloemenveiling Centrum | C247 - 67O (Aalsmeer).

Set notifications

To be notified that a placed bid has been accepted, you can set up a notification.


Direct bidding also shows various statistics. You can see how much has been offered today, how many bids you have placed and how many have been accepted, how many growers have offered something and the turnover. By default, this is sorted by day, but you can also set it by week or month.

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