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Direct bidding - Frequently asked questions
Direct bidding - Frequently asked questions
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What is Direct Bidding?

Floriday Direct Bidding makes it easy for buyers and growers to trade with each other. Buyers can buy growers' offers directly by bidding at the asking price or counterbidding directly.

How does Direct Bidding work exactly?

  • A grower places supply at an asking price that all buyers on Floriday can bid on.

  • Buyers can buy directly at this asking price or counterbid until 15:00.

  • A grower can accept a counterbid until 15:15 by adjusting its asking price, closing the deal. Products are delivered the next day between 6:00 and 7:00 at the specified delivery location.

On which days and where can Direct Bidding be used?

Direct Bidding is available for delivery every working day from Monday to Friday at the delivery locations Aalsmeer, Naaldwijk, Rijnsburg, Eelde and Rhein-Maas. Lots offered and sold on Friday will be delivered between 6:00 and 7:00 on Monday.

What are the benefits of Direct Bidding?

  • Direct Bidding can help growers and buyers increase and simplify trading.

  • First, Direct Bidding creates additional buying and selling opportunities for growers and buyers. Buyers can find (new) offers from (new) growers without the need to already have an existing trading relationship.

  • Another advantage is that - due to the open and interactive bidding aspect of Direct Bidding - growers and buyers get quick and real-time insight into market prices.

  • Finally, we believe that Direct Bidding also saves time in negotiations; telephone sales, whatsapping and emailing back and forth is not necessary with Direct Bidding.

Who can use Direct Bidding?

Direct Bidding has been available to all growers and buyers since 16 May 2023. As a buyer, however, you must have a direct trading limit. Would you also like to use Direct Bidding? In our Help Centre you'll find a step-by-step explanation of exactly how Direct Bidding for buyers works and the answers to frequently asked questions. Don't have a Floriday account yet? No problem, you can sign up for Floriday here.

I work with Floriday through an API link, can I also use Direct Bidding?

Not yet from the start; we are starting with Direct Bidding in Floriday's screens. At a later stage - after coordination with software suppliers - Direct Bidding may also be able to be used by API users.

How does the sale come about?

If the buyer bids the asking price, the sale is concluded immediately. In case of a counter bid, the deal is closed as soon as the grower accepts the bid. Bids can be made until 15:00 and a grower has until 15:15 to accept bids.

Who can see bids and prices?

The asking price and bid prices are visible to grower and buyers, not who placed the bid. However, to avoid double bidding, buyers within the same company can see which colleague has placed a bid.

What quantities can be bid on?

The total quantity of product offered is indicated with the offer. Buyers can bid per layer or per trolley. Bids can also be placed on several layers at once.

What are the costs of direct bidding?

There are no additional costs for buyers apart from regular mark-ups.

Until what time can bids be made?

Buyers can make counter bids until 15:00. A grower can accept a lower bid until 15:15 by lowering its asking price, thus closing the deal.

How are accepted orders handled?

Orders are handled the same as direct trades. A summary of Direct Bidding orders in Excel is provided (weekly) to finance so that they can include them on the invoice with the 1.4% sales commission rate.

Do buyers and growers receive notifications?

Yes, there are notifications for growers and buyers. Growers get a notification as soon as a bid is submitted or when the 3pm closing time is reached. Buyers get a notification as soon as a bid is accepted

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