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Integration - managing supply rules
Integration - managing supply rules

Are you working with an integration? Manage supply lines yourself!

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Is your software package linked to Floriday? Floriday gives you the ability to configure which supply lines are relevant to you. This way, onlt the offers you want to see is available in your software package, which can prevent a lot of clutter.

You can also use this method of supply filtering to forward the offer to a linked web shop.

Please note! The software vendor must build what is known as "Custom-Sync" to do use this feature. Ask your software supplier about the options.

Managing supply rules can only be done by the main user in your account. You can see who the main user is by going to Settings > Organization > Colleagues.

This page explains the following:

Setting supply rules in the integration

In Floriday, go to the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen, click Settings, and then click Integration.

Click the cog wheel on the right side of the page to configure the integration settings.

When you add a new connection, you can set how the supply comes through by default under Synchronize trade items for new connections. You can always change this per grower later on. The options to choose from are:

  • None: You can see the range of these connections in the Floriday screens only.

  • Selected assortment: The items you have chosen from growers are carried forward in the integration. Read more about the selected assortment.

  • All: All the supply from growers.

In addition, you can set the default delivery period, from 0 days to a maximum of 14 days, depending on the order period and delivery period as set by the grower.

And finally, you can indicate from which sources you wish to synchronize the supply lines to your software package:

  • Catalog prices (weekly list prices)

  • Batch prices

  • Offers

  • Purchasing tips

When this window is set to your liking, click Save.

Next, you can set the method of synchronisation for all existing connections at once. Click Set synchronised trade items and choose None, Selected assortment or All.

You can always change this per grower later on, which is explained below.

Setting supply rules by grower

On the Integration page you can configure per grower for which trade items you wish to synchronize supply lines. This way, whenever supply is created for a trade item, it will be synchronized to your software package. You can choose to synchronize no trade items, only the selected assortment from the Explorer or all trade items.

This screen shows all the growers you have a connection with. For each grower, you can set whether no items are passed in the integration, the selected assortment is passed, or all items.

In this screen, you can also filter by grower or filter by the type of synchronized items you have set up (All, Selected assortment, None).

When you have configured which supply you wish to synchronize to your software package, click on the Rebuild button in the top right. This gathers all the supply lines and synchronizes them to your software package.

Take note: The first time you are rebuilding can take some time. Once the synchronization is complete, the next time you rebuild will go a lot faster. The Integration page shows if the rebuild is still in progress or if it's complete.

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