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In Floriday's Explorer, you can easily search through growers' articles. You can choose to discover new assortment and by selecting articles indicate which products are of interest to you, place an order directly or bear your assortment (and set this up for your webshop).

In this article, we will explain step by step how to discover assortment and select items via the Explorer. The following topics are covered:

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How does it work?

From the shortcut on the dashboard in Floriday or via the menu you can go directly to the Explorer. Right at the top is the search function where you can make different choices. From 'Explore' you can easily discover assortment and select new assortment. The selected range can be used to transfer to your webshop.

Searching by house and garden plants, cut flowers or hardware will display a list of all items that growers have in the catalogue on Floriday regardless of availability or range. Upon discovery, filter options such as VBN product name, pot size/stem height and availability, among others, allow you to set your search so that you can quickly view and discover the range.


Between the choices explore, purchase and manage assortment, choose explore.

You will see all the results of items placed in the catalogue by breeders.

At the top right of the screen, you see the number of results and the number of breeders. Items are displayed by default. If you prefer an overview of the breeders, you can set this by clicking this option.

Furthermore, you can choose a tile view or a list view and you can determine the order of the articles (in order of creation date, grower, article code, article name, pot size or plant height, VBN product code, VBN product name).

You can set the search to your liking. For instance, you can filter your search by article, characteristics, colour, growers, themes and other such as theme days to get to the desired result faster. Depending on the selected category, the filters will appear.

When you discover an interesting item, you can mark it as a selected range by using the star. When you then click on the star in the filters, you will see all your selected items.

You also have the option of searching in selected or unselected ranges. If you have marked items as favourites in the past, you will find them under the Selected range. You can also search the non-selected items.

When you select items to get them through in your webshop, you can also manage the assortment. Would you like to know more about this? Then read more about Managing Assortment.

Want to know more about creating price lists or requests via the Explorer? Read more about price lists. Read more about requests.

Trade item details

By clicking on an item, you can see all the details of the item, including item characteristics, available packing configurations and photos.

Next to the photos you will find a download button. By clicking this button, you will automatically download the selected photo with the article code as the file name.

Price calender

In the trade item details, you may also find the price calendar. If growers have created term offers and filled in prices, this becomes immediately visible in the price calendar. If the grower has also indicated that you can already order these products, you can do this in an easy way directly from the calendar via the shopping cart icon.

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