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Raise your profile as a customer on Floriday
Raise your profile as a customer on Floriday
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To make the most of Floriday, we've added the 'Complete your profile' task on the dashboard for buyers. This allows you, as an existing buyer, to find even more relevant supply and connection suggestions. And as a new buyer, you can find your way around Floriday even more easily.


You will only see this task if you have a main account on Floriday.

For both existing and new users, completing the profile provides benefits:

  • Benefit in terms of efficiency by not having to enter the delivery location every time.

  • Raise the profile of your organisation with growers to build valuable connections in the sector.

  • Get to see the supply that is relevant to you.

  • Are you new to Floriday? If so, suggestions for suitable supply are most welcome!

Complete your profile

How do you want to introduce yourself to suppliers? You start by filling in personal information, such as name, contact details, job title and photo. By making your profile public, you increase accessibility for growers and make it easier to collaborate among yourselves and with growers.

Are there colleagues you collaborate with? Invite your colleagues you work with within Floriday.

What do you want to tell suppliers about your organization? Say more about your company. You can specify in this step how you want to shop (clock, clock pre sales, direct, etc) and in which segments (florist, garden centre, retail, etc) you operate. This information provides the opportunity to connect you with relevant growers.

Which product groups are interesting for your organization? Based on this information, we can personalise Floriday for you. We also share this information with growers so that they can make relevant offers. You can indicate here which plants and/or flower groups are of interest to you. You can also change these preferences later.

Where do you want suppliers to deliver orders? Check your delivery location used by default or set it if it is not there. This saves another operation when ordering by offer and ensures that you are immediately shown the relevant supply.

You can change steps 2 through 5 later at Settings > Organization.

Which suppliers would you like to do business with? At the last step, you can start adding growers based on the preferences you have set. Adding a grower to your network will keep you informed of updates and supply. At a later time, the network can be expanded again.

Once your profile is complete, you can introduce your business once on the growers' timeline. Does the grower offer what you are looking for? Then the grower can immediately make a connection and classify you in a price group, allowing you to do business through Floriday.

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